Currently, BSRI has four full-time employees and utilizes research associates and consultants to fulfill project and contractual duties. Employees include the Executive Director, Associate Director, Evaluation and Research Analyst, and Program Manager. The Executive and Associate Directors handle organizational oversight as well as upper level project administration, statistical analysis, final reporting for funders (local, State, and Federal) and financial matters. The Evaluation and Research Analyst handles quantitative data analysis and research design coordination. The Project Manager oversees program-related tasks and aspects of project management.

BSRI provides lead staff support and administration to multiple project committees related to healthcare integration.  We are proud to have affiliations with Universities and Colleges, serving as a preceptor for many interns studying public health and psychology. BSRI is also a proud member of the American Evaluation Association, the Society for Community Research and Action (American Psychological Association, Division 27), the Southeast Evaluation Association, the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association / Florida Behavioral Health Association, and the American Public Health Association. BSRI also values community connection and is a member of local organizations such as the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Miami-Dade County, the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership, the Healthy West Kendall Behavioral Health Workgroup, and the Miami-Dade County Public School System School Advisory Committee.

Executive Director

Angela Mooss, Ph.D.

Dr. Angela Mooss received her PhD in Community Psychology from Georgia State University in 2009 and holds a graduate certificate (CPH) in public health epidemiology. She has more than 10 years of experience in conducting research with communities, in areas such as behavioral health, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and alternatives to incarceration. She has conducted needs assessments and program evaluations for agencies in Florida, Georgia, and New York. As Executive Director, she oversees all administrative functions for BSRI and provides lead project director and evaluation expertise across all BSRI projects.

Contact: amooss@bsrinstitute.org

Associate Director

Megan Hartman

Megan Hartman received her B.S. in Human and Social Development from the University of Miami in 2012. She is passionate about the public health infrastructure in Miami-Dade County as well as the implications it holds for the greater community. She has seven years of experience in the fields of program evaluation, capacity building, community organizing, and prevention science with a strong focus in community collaborations and health disparities. As Associate Director, she is the lead for logistical and operations oversight, business development, and mixed media while also managing multiple healthcare and prevention-related projects.

Contact: mhartman@bsrinstitute.org

Evaluation and Research Analyst

Alexandra Rivas

Alexandra Rivas received her Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology from George Mason University in 2014. She holds expertise in assessing health issues, risks and outcomes through data collection as well as conducting surveillance, analysis and research within local and state levels. As Evaluation and Research Analyst she provides evaluation consulting, design and analysis skills across multiple BSRI projects and clients.

Contact: arivas@bsrinstitute.org

Program Manager

Derek Boyd

In December 2016, Derek graduated from Florida International University with his Master of Public Health, with focus in Health Policy & Management. He also completed a graduate certificate from the College of Business in Healthcare Management. He has previous work experience in hospital systems, working on population health outcomes and diabetes. Derek was selected for an internship for the Institute for Diversity, part of the American Hospital Association (AHA) – which gave him the opportunity to work in the Denver area for the Colorado Hospital Association as a Policy Intern. He is now the Program Manager at BSRI with a focus on evaluation and research for Behavioral Health initiatives in the Miami area.