Project Planning


Steering Committee

Many grants and projects require an Advisory Board or Steering Committee to be developed as an oversight body to that project. BSRI provides Steering Committee recruitment, oversight, and direction to multiple clients, assisting them with logistical issues (hosting meetings, drafting minutes) and by providing evaluation data to assist with feedback loops and disseminating research/project findings to the broader community.  This is often helpful when an organization needs an outside entity to oversee a project to avoid some of the administrative barriers and political underpinnings associated with convening various stakeholder groups. Furthermore, this is often an additional task for organizations already busy implementing new policies and procedures, and it may make more sense to allow this aspect of implementation to be left to an evaluation team or research organization.

Participant Recruitment and Research Facilitation

BSRI is happiest and most fulfilled working in community settings, but also recognizes the importance and value of academic-based research projects. We partner with universities to assist and facilitate research projects between academic institutions and community-based organizations specific to research goals and objectives, target populations, and organizational fit. We never make recommendations without speaking to a community-based organization first, and always have the clients and communities best interest in mind. In line with this work, we can also assist with participant recruitment for research studies through some of our community partnerships.